Monday, December 30, 2013

Time to tally up your family tree for 2014

New Years is an excellent time to tally up your family tree for 2014. The goal of this exercise is to calculate the percentage of ancestors you know of up to your 7th Great Grandparents.

I've added a little guide to calculating your family tree in less than an hour if you have a tree on 

View the family tree pedigree view for one of your parents

The last generation is your 3rd Great-Grandparents. 

As you click the arrow after each 3rd GGP, their branch opens to show up to the 7th generation.

Count how many 4th, 5th, 6th, & 7th GGPs you have and added them to the box indicated on this chart

how many ancestors possible for 4th - 7th generation using this chart:
4th column - 2
5th column - 4
6th Column - 8
7th Column - 16

Complete one of these for each parent. 

Add it to the chart and calculate your percentage

Happy New Years!!
May you break down many brick walls in 2014!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this chart. By clicking each arrow to the 7th generation I can see where I need to be getting some work done! Thanks for the reminder! I've been focusing on filling in more current information and neglecting to find the next generation of some lines. They are available; just lost in the shuffle. Some lines; however, are at an end too soon for a variety of reasons and that has to be accepted. Perhaps someday someone with the information will allow it to be shared. Look at all that's available now that wasn't just a mere 10 years ago! Thanks again and Happy New Yeaer

  2. What a great chart! Puts things in perspective. Of course, that also means it shows me how much I have yet to do!